About Ananda Medical Practice

Ananda is the Sanskrit word for bliss. That’s why in 1992 when Dr. Raphael Meschoulam’s team in Israel isolated the first known endocannabinoid in the human brain, they named it Anandamide.

Ananda Medical Practice (AMP), run by Dr. Leigh Vinocur is a cannabis medicine focused practice, as well as a health and wellness coaching practice that’s dedicated to educating and motivating you to find your healthiest, happiest and most blissful life.

Unlike many cannabis certification providers today that merely certify you and then leave you on your own to sort out what cannabis products to use and what doses to begin with; AMP’s goal is to educate and guide you through every step of the process.

We deliver the safest and highest quality health advice and medical expertise using scientifically backed, evidence-based medicine in this new emerging field of cannabis science and therapeutics, as a complimentary therapy.  Along with personalized coaching and consultation in all areas of your health such as nutrition, weight loss, exercise and stress reduction.

Additionally, when you or a loved one receive a frightening and sometimes serious medical diagnosis, Dr Vinocur can help you navigate through the often complex medical science and healthcare delivery systems; working with you and your primary care physician as well as any specialists, she becomes part of your care team to ensure that you have the best possible outcomes.  

Don’t just live your life, live it well and let Ananda Medical Practice help you find your bliss.