Ananda Medical provides patients with holistic consulting and prescription services that include:

  1. Personalized assessment
  2. Recommended treatments
  3. Understanding the risks and opportunities
  4. Medical cannabis prescriptions (in Maryland only)
  5. Ongoing patient support and consulting

Please complete the New Patient Form under “New Patient Form,” so we can get to know your unique situation and needs. 


Concierge health advocacy, education and navigation

Navigating your way through the healthcare system can be daunting and sometimes frightening especially if you have a serious diagnosis.  Let us help you. Doctors today often don’t have time to spend quality time with their patients.

We will work with you and your family to help with many different needs associated with the health care system. This may include help finding doctors, explaining treatment and care options, sometimes even going with you to visits and treatments, as well as, communicating with your health care team. We help with education of your medical problems and help you understand how you can access resources as well as provide follow-up education

  • Same day or next day appointments in person or via telehealth
  • Undivided attention for appointment as long as they need to be
  • 24/7 access on a personal phone
  • Health research to help assess your diagnosis and treatments options