About Dr. Leigh

Dr. Leigh Vinocur is a board certified emergency physician, national media figure and a health and wellness educator and coach. She is dedicated to motivating and helping people find their healthiest, happiest and most blissful lives. She is passionate about delivering the safest and highest quality healthcare and has done that in her 25 years of practice.  She brings that medical expertise to her cannabis practice using evidence-based parameters and studies in this new and evolving field of endocannabinoid medicine and the use of cannabis as complimentary therapy with condition specific protocol and treatment plans.


She is a diplomat of the Armstrong Institute for Patient Safety and Quality. She continues that mission of healthcare quality and safety on the faculty of the MedStar Institute for Quality and Safety. And as a physician executive who has managed an ambulatory division within a health system she created and oversaw patient quality, satisfaction and risk reduction programs that were measurable and sustainable.


She is also national spokesperson for the American College of Emergency Physicians and she has appeared regularly on many different national media outlets such as the Today Show, the Fox News Channel and the popular syndicated Dr. Oz Show. She was a health contributor and columnist for the widely read online newspaper the Huffington Post. She developed and hosted the Dr. Leigh Vinocur Show: Health From the Outside IN on RadioMD.com


This adjunct career in medical broadcasting helps further educate the public on critical health matters. She always says, “I love emergency medicine because, it is a microcosm of society as a whole.  As an ER doctor I treat all the medical problems and social ills we see in modern life, problems related to stress, our diets, obesity, smoking, teen pregnancy, drug abuse, mental illness and domestic violence.  And while the emergency room allows me to affect change only one patient at a time, when I speak on TV and radio or write about these issues I get to affect a broader change, impacting health throughout a whole community!”  She feels fortunate to be able to use her medical expertise in this way.


The growing opioid crisis in this country really made her realize how the medical community and the pharmaceutical companies in this country are failing patients.  She started this practice to help patients take control of their health and wellness. To that end she has been traveling the country and training with some of the top adult and pediatric cannabis physicians, getting certified by different organizations such, as The Medical Cannabis Institute and Healer.com, as well as, attending different scientific conferences, to be able to guide and educate her patients about cannabis use as a complimentary therapy with condition-specific recommendations in this new evolving medical field. 

You can learn more about her at drleigh.com